The journey to commercialisation presents challenges and barriers from day one, particularly where an existing business requires daily focus. We understand this and are there with you at every step; to guide and manage the process, assemble the right expertise and to give your project the greatest probability of success without losing sight of your core business.


We get to know your business intimately to understand your vision and business objectives, challenges and opportunities. This stage culminates in an initial viability assessment report and discussion around whether it is advisable to go ahead with the next step: the Business Case.


Discovery and Testing

Using data analytics, we examine the market and its most influential drivers, and using a science based methodology uncover the highest potential whitespace opportunities not being serviced by your competitors. These are tested and validated before moving forward.

Business Modelling and Commercial Viability

With an opportunity identified, one of the most important decisions of commercialisation takes place – the selection of the business model that provides conditions for success and aligns with your corporate vision and objectives. Once this decision is made it is further tested and validated. Determining the commercial viability of your opportunity is also critical at this stage. Presented as a business case, we outline the market opportunity, the business plan, required services, skills, products, budget and investment needed, along with the risks, allowing your board to make an informed decision.


Project Design and Build

Depending on your project this stage can require the engagement of a variety of Advivo ICP’s trusted subject matter experts. Whether engaging technology, industrial design, product sourcing, production, legal counsel, corporate structuring and branding or marketing, lean start-up principles are used for iterative testing and validation throughout the entire design and build process.


While pre-commercialisation can take many paths depending on the project design, there are four key vectors that often progress in parallel: product design and testing, market research, distribution design and intellectual property. Advivo ICP project management continues to assist by identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and criteria for success, and connecting you with the suppliers, distributors and potential funders that align to the needs of your project.

Go-to-market and Launch

Advivo ICP views this as day one of your actual commercialisation phase. Our focus is on the monitoring of key metrics established in the previous stages, coordinating specialists, identifying what and when tactical pivots need to happen, and ensuring a strong focus on delivery is paramount.

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