An inventor approached us with an innovative idea for a unique toy. Working through our commercialisation roadmap, the product is now on the shelves in Toy Stores around Australia, with sights set globally.

Industry: Toy & Game

Status of Product when Engaged: Commercialised nationally

Actual Product: Unique spinning, bouncing ball

Progress Status of Project: Project Management

Type of Innovation: Sustaining

Intended Market: Global

Zzzopa - Advivo Innovation Commercialisation Project

This project began with an inventor approaching us with an innovative idea for a unique toy, a product that had never been contemplated or achieved before. To start with, we had to make a visit to Guangzhou to our long-term trusted manufacturers, who were able with their manufacturing expertise to bring the idea to life and, within six weeks, we had our first basic performing spinning, bouncing Zzzopa ball. After 18 months of work to bring the idea to minimum viable product and prepare for commercial release, the toy was soft-launched into the market in November 2019. Today, exciting prospects of global distribution are being contemplated.

Our team at Advivo ICP have travelled to Hong Kong and China, Singapore, New York and beyond with hundreds of hours of planning, negotiations, meetings, ongoing research and business operational activities.

We continue to have high expectations for the Zzzopa, but we are still just in the early stages of soft launch and there is much more to be done to ensure its success globally.

Support a local Australian invention and find out more about the Zzzopa today on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

Manufacturing Processes

Alongside managing the Patent process, our team and our partners have also undertaken a wide variety of manufacturing processes to get this product to launch, including:

  • Brand development (Gary Schmidt at LOA Branding)
  • Market entry advice (Linda Ginger at Attractor Network)
  • Production of videos and focus groups with kids (Ian Chapman at VMP)
  • Insurance requirements (Graham Ballard)
  • Accounting advice (Chris Morris at Advivo Accountants & Advisors)
  • Ongoing advice from our Australian based distributors
  • Our first retailer (Chris Maggacis at Mr Toys Toyworld)

For a full write-up on this project, see the article on our blog.

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